Akumal Bay in the '80s
Akumal Main Bay has been a popular beach to visit since tourism started in the ’60s. Its pristine waters, protected by a barrier reef, make it ideal for swimmers of all ages. Under good weather conditions there is very little current or wave action and visibility is excellent.

With the diverse sea life and healthy coral, it was deemed a natural aquarium. Over the years, even though Akumal itself grew very little, development has expanded all the way from Cancun to Tulum.

As a result, and because Akumal has remained one of the few open private developments on the coastline, it has made the beach a very attractive day excursion for locals as well as tourists in the area. This and other factors have greatly affected the health of the bay.

In recent years, turtles have made Akumal Bay their feeding grounds year round which has created an influx of tours to view the turtles. Efforts to control the number of snorkel tours and protect the bay have been met with mixed reactions.

Akumal Beach Bar in the 80's


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