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The politcal connection to the snorkel cooperatives in Akumal

MARCH 2, 2016

Published today in the Por Esto! Daily newspaper.

The original article can be found online in Spanish here:

Below is the direct translation of the article. It has not been editorialized or given substantive edits.


Interests are many in Akumal. The great economic flow generated daily in the bay is only for the few and not for improvements in the town as touted within the cooperatives that are in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

And those interests have much to do with politics. The names of Gilberto “Chino” Gomez Mora current secretary of the municipality of Tulum and Rodolfo Pech director of revenue of the municipality and Edith Mendoza, Municipal ex president are some of the names that appear on the scene benefited at the expense of depredation of nature.

The daily Por Esto! managed to find out that behind the cooperatives are the names of officials in the Tulum municipal government that “sponsor” activity rather than seeking regulation.

For example, Gilberto Mora Gómez is behind the Pirates cooperative. He is the one who advises and determines the group that is formed by Manuel Jimenez, Pablo Marrufo “Chiveros”, Wilberth Marrufo “Chiveros”, Luis Manrique. (Father), Luis Manrique, Marco Antonio Manrique, Manuel Cruz, Balfre Edgar Lopez and Miguel Angel Maldonado, who was a biologist at Akumal Ecological Center, CEA.

The town clerk has even applauded the blockades that happened in Akumal through the social media and his private Facebook account.

This official, far from addressing the issue as the competent authority (through is position he has the power to do so ) has chosen to be part of the lucrative business that preys on Akumal Bay.

In his role as town clerk, he could order inspections to be carried out by the Fiscal Department, however far from doing that , he seeks at all times to be part of the economic interest which is at the heart of the Riviera Maya.

In addition, he is also involved with the Nativos cooperative, headed by Melchor Gamboa, who in turn is the main operator in Akumal of the ex president l Edith Mendoza.

Just the name Edith Mendoza is the one most associated with the cooperatives, since it was she who authorized in an irregular way the “concession” to the Pirates cooperative Akumal to overexploit snorkel tours with turtles swim.

Edith Mendoza has been characterized by these irregularities and to promote a lucrative situation for them, one which is important in the political axis to prevent investigations of the cooperatives.

The third name is that of Rodolfo Pech, who is director of revenue of the municipality of Tulum, and who like the secretary of the commune directly “sponsors” two cooperatives.

It is Cooperativa Info and Cooperativa Pollo Tours. Orlando Gamboa is in charge of the first one , who is the brother of Melchor Gamboa; the second is headed by Victor Manuel Ceballos Ordaz.

At all times, government officials of Tulum have decided to lean towards business, rather than regulation, since reaching this would ensure they get an important part of the profits that is obtained from Akumal.

Data Base of Information
Cooperatives sponsored by politicians of Tulum

COOPERATIVE INFO: (sponsorship, by Rodolfo Pech) Director of Revenue of the City of Tulum rent collector and former state government in Tulum).

  • Orlando Gamboa. Leader.
  • Carlos Leonel Aguilar Sierra. Leader.

Pollo Cooperative Tours: (sponsorship, by Rodolfo Pech) Director of Revenue of the City of Tulum rent collector and former state government in Tulum). Looking for the candidacy for mayor).

  • Victor Manuel Ceballos Ordaz “El Pollo”. Leader.
  • Efrain Dominguez de la Cruz “Caracola”. Leader.
  • David Manzano. Leader.

Nativos Cooperative (Gómez Gilberto Mora sponsored persons)

  • Paul Sanchez Navarro (Environmental Consultant and former director of the CEA).
  • Melchor Gamboa. Leader.
  • Heriberto Gamboa Fernando Gamboa. Leader.
  • Fernando Gamboa “Mafer”. Son of Fernando Heriberto.
  • Hamed Gamboa, (Son of Melchor).
  • Jafet Gamboa, (Son of Melchor.)
  • Leonel Roberto Beltran Chan “Poliducto”. Leader.
  • Harold Leonel Beltran (Son).
  • Edson Ricardo Bazan Beltran Alias ​​”Yey Loko”.
  • Luis Roberto Figueroa Castillo Alias ​​”Chaksai”.
  • José Alfredo Jimenez Iretas.
  • Darwin Tuz Manrique.
  • Aaron Burgos.
  • Roberto Tuz Kuyoc.
  • Silvia Ruiz Yah.
  • Luis Avila.

Pirates Akumal (Gómez Gilberto Mora sponsored persons and Edith Mendoza)

  • Manuel Jimenez “Pio”. Leader.
  • Paul Marrufo “Chiveros”. Leader.
  • Wilberth Marrufo “Chiveros” Leader.
  • Luis Manrique. (Father) “Perro ” Leader.
  • Luis Manrique (Son) “Perro Jr”. Leader.
  • Marco Antonio Manrique “La Parca”. Leader.
  • Manuel Cruz. Leader.
  • Balfre Edgar Lopez. Leader.
  • Chino Paez. Leader.
  • Miguel Angel Maldonado. EX_CEA biologist.