Hotel Association of Tulum expresses concerns about recent events in Akumal

Below is the English version of a press released issued by the Hotel Association of Tulum.
Spanish version here: Comunicado-Akumal-AHT-2016-09-03



To the municipal, state and federal authorities.

To the general public.

The Hotel Association of Tulum, wishes to express, by this means, that we are extremely concerned about the illegal and irresponsible resolutions taken by the Municipal Council of Tulum in the meeting held on August 29, 2016, fueling a climate of violence and aggression, causing legal uncertainty and violating fundamental rights, which affects tourism (the only economic activity in the region), and creating a climate of social unrest that discourages investment.

In the above-mentioned meeting, in a manner that is unfounded, illegal and without judicial authority, the Municipal Council of Tulum agreed to “open” an alleged public access to the beach in Akumal Bay, which included the authorization to use public force.

The actual access, to which the resolution of the council refers to is located on private property with an entitlement since 1962, which, according to the fundamental rights contained in our Constitution of the Republic, can not be affected without first complying with a set of formal and legal requirements that are clearly stated in the legal framework that governs every Mexican, especially the authorities, and in this case have not been met in any way.

In order to affect a private property in this regard, a duly justified legal decision issued by a competent authority is required. For example, an irrevocable judgment of a legal petition by judicial authority.

This anti-constitutional resolution of the Municipal Council, which provoked the informal business groups of “tourist service providers” to endorse the  concept, was fueled by commercial and economic interests, under the guise of a community movement, who, on this past August 31, forced open the so-called “public access” without legal authority or official representation, using the the agreement by the council as the argument, which, besides being a violation of several rights and forming various crimes, could have easily ended in violence as has happened previously.

The owners of the properties that can be affected by the aforementioned resolution of the council have already begun the defense of their legitimate rights and interests in the corresponding legal entities, but as hoteliers and tourism service providers assembled in the Hotel Association of Tulum, we make an urgent appeal to the authorities of the three levels of government to intervene immediately in order to guarantee and protect the fundamental rights and restore peace, social tranquility, and harmonious coexistence in the region, by reestablishing a genuine state of law.

Adolfo Contreras Grosskelwing