Local Businesses Care

Local Businesses Contribute to the Akumal Pueblo


1. Montessori School – Helped fund its opening, with ongoing support when something is needed
2. Adult Community Center – Helped fund its opening, with ongoing support monthly with teacher salary
3. Hekab Be Library – Frequent donations of funds and materials for their programs, special events
4. Special Needs Kids – Through the library, funding for special needs kids to get therapy or doctor’s care
5. Signage for the New Bridge – For traffic and pedestrian safety
6. Help for the Schools – Repairs made to infrastructure, donation of materials, support for the secondary school library. Special course given at the Secondary School by business owner: How to Have a Successful Interview
7. Hosting Special Events for the Pueblo – Mother’s Day, etc., with food and entertainment. Help for the Akumal Pueblo with their special events, donating food and funding
8. Back-to-School Event – Donation of school supplies and school bags for the kids of the pueblo
9. Donations for Comedy Festival – Events that benefited the building of a playground in the Pueblo