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The New Buoys in Akumal

In the past weeks, buoys have been installed by the authorities in Akumal Bay. There is little to no information public information on the zones, but this popped up today on Hotel Akumal Caribe’s Facebook page.

For those of you that have seen the new buoys in the bay, this is the sparse information we have about them. (Beyond saying that they are not aesthetically pleasing and very confusing)
The permits for snorkel tour operators state that permit holders are only allowed to take tours around two circuits as per the map below.
  • The dark purple area around the two circuits is for guided snorkel tours only in a clockwise direction. (“Poligono de nado”)
  • The white area on the first 50 meters from shore is for swimming. Anyone can go in there and use it for recreational purposes.
  • The turquoise area denotes the navigation channels for motorized watercraft.
  • The light pink states it is for dive use although that area is too shallow and has reef.
  • The lime green area is restricted to everyone. So no swimming or snorkelling here.
  • The yellow area is labelled” zoned for sustainable recreation activities” but no rules or regulations explained.

There are no explanations for the use of the rest of the bay.

There are a lot of questions that these permits and map have raised for those that are not on snorkel tours, and want to go snorkelling on their own. Furthermore, no government authority has been able to clarify our doubts or answer our questions.

There is still no management plan in place. One would think that this would go before giving out permits. CONANP, who put out this map is supposed to put the management plan in place and has yet to have a constant presence in Akumal. The only supervision being carried out is by PROFEPA, (the environmental police) but it is sporadic and ineffective in controlling the snorkel tours, let alone overseeing the use of the rest of the bay.


These are our conclusions:


Guided tours are not being controlled. Snorkelers with no guides do not know where to go, when it’s ok for them to snorkel or what gear is allowed. Sometimes they are told to use short fins, sometimes they are not told anything. Sometimes they are told to wear a life jacket, sometimes only when with a guide. Sometimes they are told that they cannot wear an inflatable life jacket, and so on. The confusion continues. And sadly, there are no concrete answers.

There are no set limits of use for the entire bay, and the limits of use for the circuits by the permit holders is also not clearly stated in the permits.

The “quasi “rules are for everyone, without regard to where they come from, or where they are staying. The properties on the beach do not regulate the use of the bay. This is strictly the jurisdiction of the government, and they have yet to show a professional logical and sustainable management plan based on real science.

The original article can be viewed here:

Authority Confirms, No Public Access through Club Akumal Caribe

The following note was published in both PorEsto! and Novedades yesterday. Below is a translation.



Some groups of Akumal are lying to manipulate public opinion and the people of Akumal when they say that the property of CLUB AKUMAL CARIBE SA DE CV is in litigation.

What they say and publish is completely “FALSE AND WITHOUT REASON.” The property of Club Akumal Caribe, S.A. of C.V. is not and has never been in litigation.

To understand the falsehoods and lies, it is important to understand the meaning of the word “litigation.” Litigation is a legal discussion before a Superior Judicial Body. The above should not be confused with “conflict” since to deny that there is a conflict would be a waste of time. However, the conflict that exists is caused by the inaction on the part of the Municipality of Tulum to enable the windows to the sea stipulated in the Program of Urban Development of Akumal 2007-2032.

The only thing that is in dispute is the constitutionality of the agreement of the Seventy-Fourth Ordinary Session of the previous Town Council of the Municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, held on August 29, 2016…which by the way was their last session.

The previous cabildo (town council) issued its agreement without giving any warning to Club Akumal Caribe when it had the legal duty to give a written notice to the legitimate owner of the property that was under study. This would have allowed the property the possibility to exhibit all the documents and elements of necessary proof and verify their rights and not leave it in a state of being defenseless, as in fact did happen at the moment they dictated the mentioned agreement of the previous cabildo.

Likewise, the act of the previous cabildo violates the constitutional rights enjoyed by all Mexicans. As established in Article 14 of the Constitution, it guarantees that “No one shall be deprived of liberty or property, possessions or rights, except through trial before the courts previously established in which the essential procedural formalities are complied with and in accordance with the laws issued prior to the fact.”

In addition to the above, on February 13, 2017 an official survey was issued (study for the delimitation of terrestrial surfaces) within the Research folder: FGE / QR / AMPTUL / UITUL / 09/17/2016, carried out at the request of the C. Agent of the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction in Tulum, Quintana Roo, which confirms and demonstrates that within the property of the Club Akumal Caribe…THERE DOES NOT EXIST AND NEVER HAS EXISTED AN ACCESS OR PUBLIC PATH TOWARDS FEDERAL ZONE.

As a result of this official document, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction of the Municipality of Tulum granted an Order of Protection in favor of CLUB AKUMAL CARIBE SA DE CV.

Unfortunately, this order has not been complied with by the General Directorate of Public Security of the Municipality of Tulum, a situation that has generated more conflicts and intimidation on the part of some groups with personal interests and against CACSA staff as well as the repeated harassment of local visitors and foreign tourists who visit us, these occurring inside the same property of Club Akumal Caribe and before the complacency of the Municipal Police officers on duty who are supposed to protect the safety of the property.


However, it is completely false that “within” the property of Club Akumal Caribe exists or has ever existed a public access or a window of access to the sea as some groups with personal interests want to believe.

The inhabitants of the municipality of Tulum and especially the people of Akumal deserve to know the truth.

It is not fair that by false information of certain irresponsible groups the peace and tranquility of our people is disturbed. CLUB AKUMAL CARIBE only asks that what is right is respected, as legitimate owners…but above all, that irresponsible groups and the Municipal Authorities and the City of Tulum reconsider and act within the legal framework attached to the strict word of the law and not by simple populist acts outside any legal and moral order.

All this is and should be for the well-being of the people of Akumal.

Thank you very much

Akumal, Quintana Roo on March 29, 2017

Public Security Agency invades private property

The following article titled, “SP invade propiedad privada” appeared in PorEsto! on March 17, 2017. The following is a translation of the article with additional images.

The original article can be found at:


Violating the rule of law, the Municipal President, Romalda Dzul Caamal, orders the police to invade private property in the bay of Akumal, by placing a module of the Police agency. The lawyers are preparing to submit the corresponding formal complaint. The fact that a municipal authority in the course of his functions and attributions enters a property without authorization or attempts to dispossess a private individual involves serious crimes for the public servant, in this case the person in charge of Public Security: accused the defending legal party. Javier de Anda Morales, lawyer and legal adviser of Club Akumal Caribe, explained that without prior notice, without authorization, without notice, the Public Security staff headed by General Director Gabriel González Ornelas arrived in an inappropriate manner.

“They are overlooking a lot of information about the scope of their functions and attributions that causes such action, because if the place where they placed the module was a public access, they would already have had it under their control, without the need for an agreement from Town Council, he said. So it is that a tow truck transported the module of information and surveillance, and was set down inside the property, which belongs to the Club Akumal Caribe, trying to dispossess a private individual, which implies a violation of fundamental rights and human rights. “Obviously such an action constitutes an act of dispossession, on the part of the municipal authority headed by Romalda Dzul and against private property and a hotel, the relevant thing is that the module is placed just at the entrance of the hotel and the first view of the hotel is the Public Safety module, “he said.

The mobile police module enters Akumal and is parked on private property without notification or permission.

The lawyer recalled that a complaint was filed in the past on September 5, 2016, since on that occasion individuals with a tractor, entered the property and destroyed several palapas, claiming an alleged public access to the beach, although it has been stated that in that part there is no public access.

“However, such an act was done after an agreement of the Town Council, agreement that is in the courts, being totally illegal and that it is a confiscatory act, because without having any legal basis or proof, they go and say that it is a public access, being that in the PDU, it is not marked a public access, not even close to the property of Club Akumal Caribe, “he said.

He further explained that the Public Ministry has issued an “Immediate Response” order to the Public Security Agency, who instead of complying with the order, which was never called for by the complaining party anyway, now have placed a module saying that it is to somehow to protect the security of the people, in which it is not agreed since it implies the violation of the rights of the one that has possession, and implies the dispossession of a property. “As is now the case of the Club Akumal Caribe, unfortunately it is considered a political issue rather than a legal one and precisely, instead of bearing the political obligations, which would in any case be respecting property rights, they are protecting a series of individuals, violating property rights of a hotel that generates many jobs, “said the lawyer. At the same ceremony Armando Couto Chevert, representative of Akumal Caribe, recalled that on August 31, 2016 they were stripped of part of the property, where individuals destroyed part of the facilities to make an access to the beach, after stating that it is an access, but by no means has it ever been public.  At this point, individuals are still there day and night standing guard, intimidating the hotel staff.

After this action of last Thursday of the invasion by a module of Public Safety, the director was asked to remove the unit to another location, who only said that they would verify, and it is currently the front view of the hotel property.

The aggrieved party shall submit the corresponding complaint, putting the facts before the knowledge of the authority, who must determine whether or not it is, nevertheless, consider that any irruption to a private property without authorization, as in the above cited, constitutes a crime.

Rights vs. abuse of Rights

September 15, 2016

private-property-sign-group-enteringThe right of passage to the federal zone is just that. It’s intended for everyone, of any nationality, to be able to access the beaches of Mexico for their recreational use.

But imagine if this law was applied to every beachfront property along the coast, whether a house, a condo, a villa, a hotel, or a restaurant. The government of Mexico opened up the Riviera Maya for tourism, and never thought of that. They did not leave enough public beaches, with bathroom and lifeguard facilities, picnic areas, trashcans and security. Instead they sold all the land they could, and then realized they needed an Urban Development Plan for the area.

This Urban Development Plan was approved in 2007 for the period 2007–2032. At that time, they designated the “Windows to the Sea” in order to provide access to the beach for the general public.

The central part of Akumal Bay never had a “window” designated, because this area is private property. However, the general public is passing freely to the bay given the unique situation that one of the private properties is not a hotel or a restaurant or a house or villa or condo. It is an Ecological Center and had always been and continues to be open to the community and everyone visiting Akumal.

The government declared a Window to the Sea on the southern part of the Main Bay just down the beach to the south of Akumal Bay Resort, along with all the others they designated in the area. None of these Windows to the Sea were opened up on Private Property.

The original developer of Akumal, Pablo Bush Romero, bought the entire piece of land as one parcel. The subdivisions he submitted for Akumal were how he envisioned the area could be developed. At that time, the municipal and state governments approved the subdivisions without requiring Environmental Impact Studies, public beach accesses, or centralized sewage treatment to name a few. It was very fortunate that Pablo was not a developer, he was a Ford Dealer, and his hobby was underwater archaeology and exploration, and he fell in love with the area. He only developed a small portion of Akumal with very low density and today the family property fully complies with all Environmental Laws.

As the years went by, the government introduced environmental laws and agencies that required new developments/developers to apply for permits. The old subdivisions that had not been built on were no longer valid, and as each subdivision was sold, the developers had to submit a new proposal for the land and comply with all the new requirements. This included Aventuras Akumal, South Akumal, Jade Bay, and Punta Sur. Of those, the newer subdivisions now have Public Beach Accesses, because they were designed into them when the developers applied for their permits, thus not having to use anyone’s private property.

Today, there is a dispute over private property rights on the Main Bay of Akumal. Two pieces of land that were once one piece, and that were subdivided by Pablo Bush Romero are being challenged by a group of people that claim there is a public access there. One piece, he donated to a non profit organization, Club de Yates Akumal, which is now Centro Ukana I Akumal AC (CEA). The other, the family business Hotel Akumal Caribe. Both pieces of land were Pablo’s, and yet today the family is being challenged and their private property rights have been violated.

Private property is the right of a particular individual or entity to use, enjoy and dispose of within the limitations established by law.

In our legal system private property has been recognized as an individual guarantee from the Constitution of 1814. In the current Constitution there is reference to a number of fundamental human rights, protecting private property against arbitrary acts of authority.

Article 14 states that no person shall be deprived of liberty or property, possessions or rights without a trial before previously established courts in which due process is observed and in accordance with laws issued prior to the fact.

Furthermore, Article 16 says that no one may be affected in his person, family, home, papers or possessions, except by written order of the competent authority which is founded and motivated by legal procedural cause.

These provisions are fundamental human rights that are aimed at protecting private property from arbitrary acts of authority, which must respect and protect private property. The authority has the obligation to care for the property of individuals, acts or omissions made illegally through third parties or other arbitrary acts of authority.

Boundary lines between CEA and Hotel Akumal Caribe have been corrected over the years. This is very common as adjustments are made over time under new governments with new technology. The lines were first corrected by the Municipality of Cozumel, then by the Municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) and more recently by the Municipality of Tulum. Each claimed that their instruments were correct, and the past ones were not. These certifications do not prove or indicate any wrongdoing, nor do these documents indicate or certify that there is a separate title for a public Access.

Certainly not by a group of citizens who push a vote by the Municipal council that is not the legal entity to decide on matters of Land Registry, thus violating several laws. Certainly not without a court order, and without the proper officials present to carry out a notification before they take land over. Certainly not by destroying private property.  The courts recognized the illegality of these actions on September 2, 2016.

Imagine if one day that a group of people representing a commercial activity in front of your property decides that they want to open up an access through your land to get to the beach. Imagine that you have all your paperwork to prove it is yours, and yet they allege that you stole land from the federal government through an adjustment in your property boundaries with your neighbour.

Imagine that the neighbor had been allowing access through his land for years through a pathway they have on their property. That pathway shows up on your Certification of Means and Boundaries document stating that the neighbouring property has an access to the beach, but it did not say a “Public” Access to the beach. Furthermore, that pathway is not in the Land Registry record, because it is only a reference to a pathway that the property has leading to the beach, and yet a group of private citizens say it is Public based on this.

And suppose that those arguments were used to have a group of private citizens come in and take over a portion of your land, tear down your palapas and whatever else is in their way, and take over that access and control it as if they were the government!  And imagine that no government official was sent to manage this so-called Public Access and that the government allows a group of private citizens to manage it; to tell people what they want, and carry out their business the way they see fit through this access. This is not a Public Access, this is an invaded piece of private property run and controlled by a group from the private sector that conduct snorkel tours in the bay.

You do not need to imagine any of this, because that IS what is happening today. The rights to access the main beach of Akumal have never been violated. There has not been one day that there have not been people freely going in and out of the main bay to the beach.

The rights of private property are being violated through the abuse and disregard of the laws of Mexico.


The following article was provided by the owner/operator of Hotel Akumal Caribe as a reflection on the recent events.  


“They will regain their property” reads PorEsto! article

They will regain their property” is the headline found in the PorEsto! in the September 9, 2016 edition. The original Spanish content is online HERE. What follows below is a translation of this article.


AKUMAL, TULUM, September 8, 2016—At a press conference organized by the managers of Centro Ecológico Akumal (CEA), the Asociación de Hoteles de Tulum (AHT) and representatives of Hotel Akumal Caribe, it was announced that legal action will be taken in adherence to the law regarding the access which was opened in Akumal, after the council of Tulum approved its opening and reversal of the means and bound document  this past August 29 which the pobladores say is a “window to sea,” although the legal entity that is part of a lodging center where the path was opened, declared it is  private property.

Therefore, Armando Couto Keever, legal representative for Laura Bush, who owns the hotel Akumal Caribe, said that the access that the pobladores were fighting for on paper is the part  that adjoins to the private property of the CEA which is in conflict, so it is part of the property belonging to the lodging center that has been invaded.

“We are asking the authorities to do their job and everything depends on how circumstances arise, but obviously it comes down to recovering property, because that opened access is part of Akumal Caribe,” he said.

He also mentioned that in the coming days they will proceed according to the law and will not allow people to access property that he alleged belongs to the hotel.

Asked whether private security personnel would be hired to prevent the passage of people, Couto Keever said that that it is not up to him, and the only intention “is that people do not pass if it is not a public access.”

In addition, with respect to the suspension granted by a judge, following an application  of appeal, submitted  after the events carried out by the pobladores this past August 31 with the presence of the police protection, and that the closing of this access would go against the process, the interviewee replied that they expect the lawyers to proceed according to the legal process they are carrying out.

Recalling that on the seventy-fourth session of the council of Tulum, held this past August 29, under General Business, the pobladores lobbied the council to approve the reopening of a public access to the bay, because in past years they have alleged that it is a window to the sea.

During that session, seven aldermen and one trustee voted to revoke the content of the “document” number  DC/DTC/201/2013 dated August 26 2013, effectively backdating the effects of the means and boundaries before that date, and proceeded to open this access.

As a result of that vote, the legal council of the hotel stated that the action by the city of Tulum to declare the revocation of this document, several irregular actions occurred: First, the statement to overturn the said “document” was made without substantiating any proceedings which meet essential formalities established by law.

As well, this agreement also resulted in the confiscation of private property, and depriving the right of private ownership of a particular part of the property and made use of it without having acquired it through expropriation proceedings or through other legal means of  acquisition.

In addition, the council of Tulum lacks the power to determine the revocation of that “document,” as in accordance with the Law of Land Registry of the State of Quintana Roo, the council of Tulum has the authority to resolve appeals of revocation proceedings brought against their own actions and decisions and generally not those that are brought  against acts and decisions made by other  municipal authorities.

Note that this clearly suggests that in the next few days this access to Akumal beach could close, for which the dispute whether it is public or private has gone on for various years, so with that, there could be another confrontation with acts of violence.